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About the project


The aim of the project – to develop a model of a collaborative digital educational environment through the interaction of Kazakhstani universities within the framework of the modernization of pedagogical education to train teachers capable of conducting innovative scientific research with digital creative competencies, competitive in the new conditions of Kazakhstan.

The problems   that the idea of the project provides for the solution: insufficient level of knowledge and skills of students, teachers in the field of information and communication technologies; critical thinking in education, creative search, lack of methodology for digital skills formation, competencies, lack of teachers’ collaborative research; the need to cover educational institutions of a new type – «digital universities», «digital schools» in the educational process with teachers of a new type – «digital teachers».

To measure, determine, record the results of the conducted research, theoretical and empirical methods of research are used: abstraction, modeling, timing control, analysis and synthesis of pedagogical situations, interview and interview, analysis of pedagogical documents and evaluation of the result of activities, generalization of pedagogical experience, survey, test, online test, pedagogical experiment, induction, deduction, pedagogical analysis, SWOT analysis, etc.

Expected results:

1) To strengthen the potential of pedagogical education of the University, a collaborative pedagogical consortium will be created between M. Dulaty Taraz regional university, I. Zhansugurov Zhetysu university, I. Altynsarin Arkalyk Pedagogical Institute, Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau university;

2) As part of the modernization of the pedagogical education system in the Republic of Kazakhstan, an innovative information bank fund for the formation of a collaborative digital educational research environment of  Kazakhstani universities will be created in order to develop and determine the mechanisms for implementing a model of cooperation in the formation of an Interuniversity collaborative digital educational environment;

3) The new Kazakhstani pedagogical education portal www.«Education in collaboration» kz. will be opened; an online test  «Features of collaborative research» will be conducted, the results will be processed and sorted by mathematical and statistical methods, a SWOT analysis will be carried out to determine the level of future teachers’ digital competencies; an online survey will be conducted on the topics «What I know and what I learned on digital learning technologies»;

4) Online coaching will be organized with future teachers on «Digital educational platforms; an online competition «The most effective digital educational platform» will be organized among Kazakhstani universities, an online course for future teachers on the topic «Digital Learning Technologies»;

5) An International Congress  will  be organized to test the results of the study. Based on the results of the study, 1 (one) article or review will be published in a peer-reviewed scientific publication with 35 (thirty-five) percentiles on  CiteScore based on Scopus;

6) 3 (three) articles will be published in a publication recommended by the committee for quality assurance in Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

7) Based on the results of the study, 1 textbook, 3 monographs, materials of 1 International Congress will be published in Kazakhstan's publishing houses;

8) Intellectual property rights to new products obtained from the results of the study will be protected by 5 copyright certificates: monograph-3, electronic textbook – 1, textbook – 1.

Practical  significance of  the results  of the project:  internal academic mobility of Kazakhstani universities will be increased; each university will have the opportunity to use the digital educational resources of other Kazakhstani universities and improve the professional skills of professors and future teachers of universities through online courses, online classes, online competitions, webinars; a qualified future teacher with developed global competitive, digital competencies will be trained to meet the current needs of the New Kazakhstan.

Within the framework of this project, it is planned to concentrate the intellectual resources of Kazakhstani universities in one channel and together with the leading scientists and methodologists of universities will unite efforts to prepare digital teaching content of existing disciplines.